Looking After Your Battery

Looking after your battery

  • All of our batteries are covered under the manufacturer's warranty, for various periods of time.

  • These varying periods depend on the application.

  • Most batteries that fail under warranty, will do so

    in the initial few weeks of their life.

  • Maintenance of the battery and non-abusive regimes are critical to its life expectancy.

  • Charging is critical – the correct settings are vital, as is a sufficient period of charging time.

  • Lead Carbon batteries are less susceptible to undercharging.

  • We strongly recommend NOT going below a 60% Depth of Discharge (DoD) as this dramatically reduces battery life.

  • Gel and Carbon Gel batteries will withstand lower depths of discharge (up to 80%), but the life expectancy will be reduced.

  • You have invested in your battery, so take care of it.


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